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Our Creative Cooking Crew took December 2013 off for the holidays. Here we are starting 2014 with a great challenge:  Let’s tackle some internationally known ethnic dishes – and present them in new, creative and exciting ways.  The star this … Continue reading

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Green Plaintain Soup + Plantain Spiders – Sopa de Platanos Verdes con Arañitas

I think I am going bananas. It seems that the past few posts bananas and plantains are the main focus of my posts. When last in Puerto Rico we had stopped at a restaurant and the first thing that we were served was … Continue reading

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Té para Dos o Más- Tea for Two or More

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Arroz con Gandules y Chorizo – Rice with Pigeon Peas + Spanish Sausage

Arroz con Gandules is the traditional dish of Puerto Rico.  It is usually served along with our roast pork, Pernil.  You will find this dish being served during the holidays and when having a party, it is sure to be the main attraction.  … Continue reading

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The husband is sick, bad cold and laryngitis (peace). My 86-year-old neighbor broke her wrist and the poor thing just wants me around to help. It is also wet and stormy outside. Between the husband, the neighbor and the weather I … Continue reading

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Carne Mechada – Puerto Rican Stuffed Pot Roast

Carne mechada is the national dish of Venezuela and also very popular in Puerto Rico and Cuba.  This version is  adaped from Wilo Benet’s cookbook, Puerto Rico – True flavors.  If you want to see Wilo’s creations, go to Foodalogue … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesdays -Puerto Rico, My Lovely Island – Part 1

When I landed on Monday I felt rejuvenated. Here are some pictures I want to share with you. Local Crafts

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Mami’s Carne Guisada – Puerto Rican Beef Stew

Last year I did a post of my Mother’s Carne Guisada on the old blog…you know, the one that disappeared. This post meant a lot to me because I had recently lost my Mami. I am a member of the … Continue reading

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