Che piacere vederti! How nice
it is to see you!
Benvenuto Amici!
Welcome Friends!

Welcome to the Grand Opening of Ciao Fiore! An enchanting outdoor ristorante on the Mediterranean Coast featuring alfresco dining in an ambrosial garden. Chefs Norma from Platanos, Mangoes & Me!, Debi from Table Talk, and Lori Lynn from Taste With The Eyes are collaborating and cooking together in a virtual Italian cucina to create a captivating five-star four-course meal enhanced with edible flowers and herbs dal giardino.

Il Menu

Ricotta Fresca, Arugula Flowers
Roasted Vegetables
Italian Sausages and Prosciutto
Assorted Breads and Focaccia
Giardiniera – Pickled Vegetables and Olives
Mixed Greens with Nasturtium Flowers

Meyer Lemon & Pink Rose Petal Risotto

Pan-Seared Branzino with Cucumber Salmoriglio
Over a Wild Arugula Salad with Cannellini Beans & Feta
Garnished with Borage Blossoms

Lavender & Mascarpone Panna Cotta with Strawberry Caviar
Chocolate Arancini and Pistachio Creme Anglaise
Garnished with Micro Flowers

(please click on the menu heading for
complete recipes of all the menu items)

Relax and Enjoy the View

To begin your experience here at Ciao Fiore! we’d like you to offer you a glass of Prosecco infused with our wild hibiscus flowers. Then, at your leisure, help yourselves to the fabulous offerings on the antipasti tavola. Don’t miss our ricotta fresca,
try this fresh cheese on the homemade bread with roasted peppers, sprinkled with peppery arugula flowers. Please have at seat on the terrace at the seaside table and enjoy the view of the sparkling blue Mediterranean while you relax and savor the first course.

Antipasti Tavola

Seaside Table

Arugula Flowers

Ricotta Fresca


Prosecco Infused with Wild Hibiscus

Blue Hibiscus

We hope you enjoyed the first course with-a-view at Ciao Fiore! Now if you’ll please follow me to your table in the garden area where we’ll be serving the primo and dolce courses. Watch your step. As we stroll through our gardens you’ll notice all the various flowers and herbs that grace our menu. Chefs Norma, Debi, and Lori Lynn are passionate about using the beautiful color, texture, and flavor of edible flowers to enhance every dish.

To the Garden…

Garden Table

Meyer Lemon & Pink Rose Petal Risotto

For the risotto our Chef says that the aromas of citrus plus floral make for a heady perfume. She adds just a hint of rose water plus a chiffonade of “passionate kisses” rose petals to transform this creamy citrus risotto into a blissful dish.

Our Meyer Lemon Tree

Pan-Seared Branzino, Cucumber Salmoriglio, Borage

Fresh from the sea pan-seared fillets are served with salmoriglio, a Sicilian fish sauce made with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and herbs. For our Grand Opening, this particular version of the classic sauce is enhanced with Meyer lemon confit, red chiles, cucumber, and Castelvetrano olives.

Fishing Boat off the Coast

Our Chefs feel fortunate to have fresh-caught fish delivered to our restaurant daily. It’s simply not possible to get branzino any fresher than here at Ciao Fiore!

Borage Blossoms to Mirror the Color of the Sea

Borage & Lavender

Maso Canali Pinot Grigio

Our Sommelier at Ciao Fiore! recommends enjoying the primo course with a crisp dry white wine. She suggests a Maso Canali 2009 Pinot Grigio from Trentino’s finest hillside vineyards. It’s well-balanced with light citrus aromas, fresh acidity, and a long clean finish.

Ciao Fiore! Edible Gardens

Dessert Plate

Our Pastry Chef adds frozen chocolate ganache to the center of a risotto ball before rolling it in bread crumbs and frying. Once out of the oil, these arancini are rolled in a mixture of cocoa powder and sugar. The warm chocolate center spills out like lava with the first bite. They are pretty amazing.


Lavender & Mascarpone Panna Cotta with Strawberry

By employing molecular cooking techniques our Pastry Chef transforms her strawberry sauce into strawberry caviar, tiny micro pearls that burst in the mouth. She flavors the cream mascarpone panna cotta with the bountiful lavender in our the garden.

Micro Flowers

Chocolate Arancini and Pistachio Creme Anglaise

The Pistachio Creme Anglaise gives the plate a nutty warmth which brings the dessert elements together. It is really nice with a spoonful of the panna cotta, and equally enjoyable as a dip for the chocolate arancini.

Would you care for a cappuccino to sip alongside your dessert course? The garden setting at Ciao Fiore! is tranquil, here we hope you will savor all that the Mediterranean Coast has to offer. Feel free to linger just a little while longer…

Arrivederci! Thank You for Visiting Ciao Fiore!

Ciao Fiore!
is a Virtual Restaurant
participating in
The 5 Star Makeover Cooking Group “Restaurant Wars” Competition

Links to all the competing restaurants
will be posted Friday (here).

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  1. flavorsofthesun says:

    I’ve been following this competition via my blog friend Joan, of Foodalogue. How exciting. And all of the food is just so fabulous, including the incredible spread in this post. Gorgeous presentation. Delicious-sounding recipes. Very inspiring.

  2. Ben says:

    Amazing menu and venue! I so wanna go there 🙂

  3. magicofspice says:

    Absolutely stunning setting! Your floral Ricotta Fresca is just a delight! Beautiful post!!!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous – I love the vibrant colours and the delicate beauty of the flowers and all the food, from risotto to dessert! Most of all, I have to beg….save some Meyer lemons – I’ve read so much about them, I want to see what they taste like! See you soon X X X

  5. 44nutri says:

    Dearest Norma, You made it!!!! Absolutely gorgeous 😀 :D. I’m giving you the 3 Michelin Stars for the wonderful, coloured and delicious spread!!!! How I wish I was there… I would give you a bear’s hug, I miss you. Your pictures are awesome, the presentation is first class and I bet that all dishes were stunning.

    The link won’t take you anywhere, this was a draft blog I started some time ago I didn’t even remember I had. My real blog is http://recipespicbypic.blogspot.com (I know you know that :D)

    Much love for you and Phil. I’m preparing a post about your stay and Joan’s. Will upload the pictures and link your blog.

  6. noobcook says:

    foods garnished with flowers are so pretty! great photos.

  7. What a beautiful restaurant,Norma! I would love to eat there….Great job,guys!Love the pictures and menu!

  8. Katie says:

    I would eat at this restaurant any day of the week! All of the dishes are artfully presented, and I imagine they taste as delicious as they look. Congratulations!

  9. I need going to this restaurant! What a wonderful and colored menu Norma 🙂
    So beautiful pictures.


  10. Thank you for the lovely meal, Norma! Seriously, I feel quite full and sated now.. 🙂

  11. Stunning, stunning, stunning. What a feast for the eyes, Norma!

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