May’s challenge for the Creative Cooking Crew is “what are you bringing to the BBQ?”.

So many options and ideas, but what I wanted was something refreshing for a hot summer day…Gazpacho!


I never made the grilled version so I played around and thought this was a great recipe.


10-12 tomatoes, cut in half and seeds/pulp removed
2 ounces each dry fine sherry and red wine vinegar
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
2 red bell peppers, whole
1 large zucchini, sliced length wise
1 teaspoon cumin
4 sprigs fresh thyme, stem removed
2-3 garlic cloves
2 slices of day old bread, crust removed
1 English cucumber, peeled and cut into chunks (save some for garnish)
tomato juice as needed
salt/pepper to taste


Being a city girl I used my grill pan and my stove to grill the veggies.

Heat your grill and brush with oil. place your tomatoes/zucchini and grill until tender.


Put peppers on flame and rotate the peppers and remove them after roasting. Place in a paper bag to sweat for easy removal of skin. Cut peppers and remove seeds.


Place everything in your food processor, except for the tomato juice. Pulse until coarsely chopped, do not over process.

Transfer to a bowl and add tomato juice until you get the consistency you like. I used about a cup. Refrigerate and serve the next day and garnish with cucumber, parsley and peppers. I also froze some of the gazpacho in ice-cube trays to keep the soup chilled upon serving.






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13 Responses to GRILLED GAZPACHO

  1. Joan Nova says:

    Greetings from Bilbao. Nice job on the gazpacho. I’ve never had it grilled and it’s a “must try”! Love photo of pepper on flame.

  2. Amazing idea, the flavors intensify so much and it must have a nice smoky taste. I did a salsa once like this so I can totally imagine how this gazpacho tastes, Great grilling!

  3. soniayrich says:

    Nice! Nice! Nice! Looks so delicious Norma!

  4. It must have been extra flavoursome using grilled veggies in this cold soup. Delish!

  5. bellini says:

    I must say I have never thought of grilling the veggies or a gazpacho. I really like the idea for hat added element of flavour.

  6. Ines says:

    Grilling is in…Always on top of your game. As a matter of fact i love grilled veggies is one of those things. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to sample this dish but I’m sure that it was delicioso…

  7. Devon says:

    Usually gazpacho is a no go for me, but yours looks nice and chunky. Yum

  8. ladygourmet says:

    What a delicious and healthy meal. I love it. Blessings dear. Catherine

  9. sippitysup says:

    Very creative. I like the charred veg in this. GREG

  10. maria says:

    I love gazapacho!!

  11. flavorsofthesun says:

    I love practically any incarnation of a good gazpacho, and this one is enticing indeed!

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