Our Creative Cooking Crew’s challenge for February: “Let’s get creative with  “Not Your Mickey D Burger”.


This is probably my shortest post ever as I have been quite crazy lately.

Now, to this post.  I decided to call it  a puequito (little pork in Spanish) burger because I took about 4 boneless pork chops using Cuisine Art’s grinding meat post.  Adding to it  cooked and crumbled Spanish chorizo, one chopped onion caramelized in the chorizo rendered fat and crumbled green plantain chips seasoned with garlic to bind.  Grilled it, added shredded Manchego cheese, sweet plantain and mango salsa, extra layers of arugula, grape tomatoes, avocado and the pesto to spread on bun.


You are probably thinking that it is a crazy combination, but it worked for me and we  enjoyed it thoroughly.



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  1. Norma O. Riess says:

    Where is the recipe?

  2. Aida says:

    Another great looking dish and I’m very intrigued enough to try it out! However, 1) I’m up north and we have been having at least 8-12 inches of snow every weekend! 2) I’m not understanding how you put the burgers together. Would it work if the ingredients were raw ie: ground pork and de-skinned minced chorizos mixed together? Is the onion a garnish once caramlized or does the cooked onion go in the patty? What type of pesto, basil or a cilantro mayonnaise? Gosh my mouth is watering!!!!!!! Maybe I’ll get the ‘George Forman’ out of the pantry instead of waiting for warmer BBQ weather!

    • Once you cook the chorizo you add to the raw ground pork and using the chorizo fat you cook the onions adding them to the meat before grinding. I know this post is a little crazy. Just as I have been lately. The pesto is made with manchego cheese, pumpkin seeds and cilantro plus olive oil

  3. Joan Nova says:

    That must have been bursting with flavor!! Love the idea of using crumbled plantain chips as a binder. And all those toppings! Muy bien hecho amiga!

  4. OMG, I want this now!!!

  5. The pictures are gorgeous

  6. Angie@Angie's Recipes says:

    This looks so bright, beautiful and appetizing!

  7. nilda cepero says:

    Delicioso! Gracias
    Thank you, my dear!

  8. Dina says:

    Beautiful, colourful and totally appetizing. I love plantains too and have a couple on my counter. May try the chips with them.

  9. Angela Roberts says:

    This sounds and looks (and I’ll bet tastes) like a ton of bright fun flavors and goodness.

  10. Victoria says:

    This is probably the most colorful burger I’ve ever seen! I love all the flavors in there. I’m sure it tasted great 🙂

  11. ladivacucina says:

    LOVE all the components and color of this burger. mmmmm…chorizo….kind of like a Cuban frita, si?

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