The theme for our Creative Cooking Crew for May is:  Fish n’ Chips and take it some place it’s never been before and make it your own.


We are going to the tropics… to my “Isla del Encanto” Puerto Rico, you lovely Island….

Bacalaitos with Batata  and lavender Yautia chips.

Bacalaitos are one of Puero Rico’s traditional snacks.  They are served at the beach, parties and holidays.  They are delicious when accompanied by a cold beer.

I used my mandolin to make the chips and deep-fried them until crispy, drained on paper towels and sprinkled with pink salt.


The Bacalaitos are usually served in a round shape.  Normally, the original fish n’ chips are battered and fried.  We make the batter and add the cooked and flaked cod fish to it.

Yautia Lila being my favorite is speckled with purple and if you boil them they have a lavender hue, but thats another post coming up.


Batata on left – Yautia Lila on right


Yautia Lila on left – Batata on right:


1 lb. salted cod fish or bacalao (about 2 bags)
1-1/2 cups of flour
1-1/2 cups water
2 packages of Sazon Goya with Achiote
1 tablespoon dried oregano
2 garlic cloves minced
1 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1/4 cup of chopped cilantro
salt/pepper to taste
Lard or vegetable oil for deep-frying

Rinse cod and cut into two inch pieces and boil for about 15 minutes to remove excess salt,  drain, flake and set aside.

Mix all dry ingredients with water until it has the consistency of pancake batter, if too thick add a bit more water. Add the cod and incorporate into batter.

Heat lard or oil until hot.  Drop batter length wise and fry until all sides are crispy, drain and serve immediately.



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  1. from a facebok friend:
    Frank Gonzalez

    We Can’t wait to see you in your own Television Show…You’re so Amazing. Appreciate your Posts, Shares and Culinary Insight along with your Worldly Perspectives. Keep up the great Work !

  2. Joan Nova says:

    Really like the direction you took on this challenge. Very well played — and executed! Looks delicious.

  3. Thanks joan your always the first

  4. Angie@Angie's Recipes says:

    Yautia Lila looks very much like taro…those fish and chips are so awesome!

  5. Aida says:

    You did it again; my mouth is salivating. Looks so yummmmyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Love, love, love your blog! I agree with Frank Gonzalez, when do you go into production on the Food Network?

  6. I am going to make this for National Puerto Rican Pride and we can have a Julia & Julia (or Torres & Torres moment)

  7. Paz says:

    I like everything in that plate! Looks and sounds delicious! 🙂

  8. ladivacucina says:

    I love learning about Latin food from you, Norma. I’ll look for the lavender sweet potatoes next time I’m out. I am lucky enough to have eaten your bacalaitos, man were they good!

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  10. cheapethniceatz says:

    Just a gorgeous version for fish and chips, always learning about new ingredients on your posts!

  11. I could eat at your house every night. I think I love Puerto Rican food the best of all latin cuisine.

  12. This looks sooooooo delicious!

  13. Love the always up for fish and chips.
    this sounds delish and I love the food photography . Refreshing 🙂

    I am Roy..very glad to meet you Norma.

    You might want to check out #WeeklyChallenge for #FoodBloggers @

  14. I am always up for fish and chips and this spin is delish.
    Love the pictures..!

    This is Roy and I am glad to have met you Norma.
    good wishes!
    you might want to check out #WeeklyChallenge for #FoodBloggers @

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