I finally left Puerto Rico, but was not able to connect due to problems caused by hurricane Irene and ended up in Ft. Lauderdale which was great.  Had a chance to see my son, his family and my friend, Joan of FOODalogue.  Now I am home-bound and will be arriving tonight after being away for a month.  The joke is that when I arrive, my husband leaves for Boston the next day.

In Puerto Rico a neighbor gave me this Pana and wanted to share it with you.  I made two simple dishes with it.  We were staying at a vacation condo, not like home where we have our pantry, our favorite pots, gadgets and the run of your own kitchen.

While in season,  Pana is used much like a potato.   I was told that you can make flan (custard) out of the fruit, but was not given a recipe.  I see myself experimenting real soon.

The first dish I made was tostones de pana.  They are twice fried as you would do with green plantains (will post at another time).


1/2 breadfruit, peeled, cored, sliced and cut into about two-inch pieces

salt to taste

bowl of salted water

Oil for frying


Heat oil and fry breadfruit pieces until tender on the inside and golden on both sides.

Remove from oil and lightly smash using a press (tortilla press, plantain press, or bottom of a plate if no press is available).

Dip into the salted water, remove and pat dry.

Working quickly but carefully, return to oil.

Fry until crispy and golden brown.

Place on paper towel lined plate to soak excess oil.

Sprinkle with salt and if you wish a little garlic powder.

Serve hot.

The second dish was boiled pana and served with a bacalao salad (salted cod).


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  1. Joan Nova says:

    I don’t think I’ve eaten pana and I’d like to try both of these preparations (if you cook them!) I’m a lazy cook and don’t like the peeling process of hard-skinned things like yuca, malanga, etc.

    P.S. Good to see you too!

  2. Rita says:

    I am always learning something brand new here! Have never heard of pana; great introduction.

  3. Tanantha says:

    Hi Norma, I came from Lazaro’s cook’s blog 🙂
    First I thought it was jackfruit hahaha but it’s not. I never have it before but anything fried works well on my belly!

  4. Katie says:

    What an ordeal, Norma! I’m so glad you’ll be back at your home sweet home later tonight (although it’s nice you were able to make lemons out of lemonade by visiting Joan and your son).

    I’ve never seen pana before! Thanks for introducing me to a new food. It looks yummy (and what doesn’t taste good fried?!).

  5. Red says:

    Something new all the time. I have never seen or heard of this, your dishes look awesome!

  6. Victoria says:

    Welcome back! I’m working in Astoria. We should meet up soon!

  7. Nydia says:

    I didn’t know Pana, but looks you can do a lot of things with it.

  8. Reeni says:

    I never heard of pana. Indeed I would like to taste both of these – especially the fried version! Welcome home!

  9. I’d heard of breadfruit but never seen it before! Thanks for the enlightenment!

  10. Joanne says:

    This is so cool!!!! I love coming across exotic fruit and that pana looks really awesome.

  11. Welcome back! I love twice fried anything…..I’ve never tried breadfruit, I know you can get it in Nigeria so I’ll be on the look out

  12. My friend in Boston misses tostones de pana the most. I’ll have to bring some when I visit her for Thanksgiving. I’m sure they can be frozen like the plantain ones – right after flattening them!

  13. foundbaking says:

    I wonder how you make flan out of breadfruit? Do you substitute it for the eggs? Let us know how your experiment goes.

    Fried Pana sounds amazing! Wish we have access to Pana here in Los Angeles.

  14. RAUL ALEMAN says:

    where can I buy bread fruit in manhattan?

  15. Cathy Touzet says:

    Tostones de pana & the flan made with pana are a must try. My parents have a summer home in PR with a tree breadfruit tree in the back. I love when it’s Pana season!

  16. Rita says:

    Pana is an excellent side dish with meats, rice, fish and veal. My parents have a pana tree in the backyard and I just received some fresh pana from Puerto Rico. I just boiled the pana. I usually eat pana with lightly cooked marinated onions in vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Delicious!!! Don’t forget to pair your pana with Avocado!!! A must….

  17. Yari says:

    I grew up on this.. My grandma makes the above and flan de pana! Won’t give me her recipe yet thought!

  18. Sarita says:

    OMG…I happened to come across this while looking up exotic fruits. It brought back such good memories of my childhood and Puerto Rico. I have to find a carribean food market and get some pana! 🙂

  19. m2 says:

    wow, reminds me of all the Pana we had in our back yard. Would love to try this. thx m2

  20. Joseph Hirsch says:

    where in central Florida can I buy them or the tree?

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