I have not had time to post lately with my schedule being so hectic, but always find the time for the  Creative Cooking Crew challenges.  July’s challenge:  Taco, make it your own…take it someplace it’s never been.

I decided to take my taco to Greece.  If you know me, you know my love of Mediterranean food.  Octopus being my favorite.  I can have it broiled, boiled, grilled, in salads and now in a taco.

Tortillas used are from a friend’s recipe.  Sonia of  La Piña en la Cocina is a wonderful chef and quite knowledgeable of her Mexican heritage and food.  Please do visit her blog, I promise mouth-watering recipes.


After grilling the octopus I dressed it with red wine vinegar, olive oil and dried Greek oregano.  I used romaine lettuce, kalamata olives, fresh dill, tomatoes, cucumber ribbons and feta cheese.  Heat up those tortillas as the recipe indicates and just enjoy the moment.



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  1. I love your Greek tacos! They look beautiful and must have been super tasty. XOXO

  2. Joan Nova says:

    Love the idea and love the presentation. Really good interpretation of the challenge!

  3. soniayrich says:

    Like I said before, simply beautiful presentation Norma! I could almost taste it. I love Greek food too!

    • Delmar says:

      “A GARDEN OF TASTE” Claude Monet will be so jealous to see that. Really!
      Norma you can create a piece of art with food.
      As an artist I will try to put my brushes away for a while.
      Best wishes,

  4. So pretty. Must be super-delicious too!

  5. It looks so unusual and pretty at the same time. Grilled octopus and taco…something I would have never thought to pair together. An amazing idea!

  6. Your taco looks just amazing, I LOVE octopus. Great recipe.

  7. Victoria says:

    Well done, Norma! I love this trip to Greece with your delicious taco. Yummy octopus 🙂

  8. Ines says:

    I’m a BIG fan of OCTOPUS, but never thought of having it in a taco. Presentation is colorful i’m sure it takes good. Live & learn, leave it to Norma. Bless those hands Girl!!

  9. ladivacucina says:

    Yummy yummy yummy! I love it, like a Greek pulpo salad on a tortilla~why not put it on a pita?! I always make baby occie but never full grown ones, yours looks very tender and delicious! Well done, Norma!

  10. sippitysup says:

    I love octopus too, but I have never cooked it. Is it hard? GREG

  11. flavorsofthesun says:

    My kind of taco–and my son would faint for it. Nicely done, Norma.

    I haven’t received posts from you in yonks (Joan, either), so I tried to resubscribe, but was told I was already subscribed. Not sure what is going on, but I will try to sort it out as I don’t want to miss a post from either of you!

  12. NADEGE says:

    Beautiful colors and I am sure, very delicious!

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